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The Hidden Costs of Using QuickBooks for Law Firms

What’s Inside?

QuickBooks might be a great resource for the average business owner, but the standard accounting software doesn’t meet the unique needs of a law firm. Instead, using QuickBooks to manage law firm accounts can create a multitude of unnecessary costs, complications, and risks.

  • 1. No matter ledgers

  • 2. No overdraft prevention.

  • 3. Complex trust reporting process.

  • 4. Lack of evergreen retainer support.

  • 5. Too much flexibility.

  • 6. Challenges with allocating revenue.

  • 7. Fee distribution complications.

  • 8. Double entry points.

  • 9. No hard costs capabilities.

  • 10. Poor retainer management.

Are you still using QuickBooks? Between the obvious financial cost (and the hidden costs of time and inconvenience), it’s time for a change. Upgrade to legal-specific accounting software like CosmoLex for more efficient accounting processes and compliant trust accounts.

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