The Lawyers Guide to creating a Paperless Law Office 

What’s Inside?

For legal professionals, the concept of a paperless office has gone from a far-fetched dream to a reality, with modern technology allowing more firms than ever before to make the shift.

Converting to a paperless office for law firms isn’t a matter of simply flipping a switch. But the effort is worth it. Expect a challenging transition and look forward to a leaner, more efficient law firm when you’re done. And while there are also the positive environmental implications of “going green,” in this specific guide, we will be solely analyzing the business benefits of a paperless practice.


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What Happy CosmoLex Users Are Saying...


There isn’t anything I don’t like. Easier timekeeping and keeps the books straight because they have to match up…we switched because it includes bookkeeping and timekeeping in one program.

Rebecca Norton | On Point Legal, Louisiana


We needed to find an alternative solution to PCLaw, as we were moving to a cloud-based system. It appeared the employees at CosmoLex had more experience in migrating the data from PCLaw to CosmoLex.

Andrea C. Kryszak | Kryszak & Associates, Co., LPA


Using a third-party platform for accounting didn’t make sense anymore…conflict check approach is good and I like the ability to handle my accounting within the case management software.

Andy Patzig | Patzig Law

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