Make individual legal matters the heart of your law practice with CosmoLex. That means every email, task, event, form, document, billable item, and transaction— every record — is tagged to its proper client matter at all times.

No QuickBooks® Required. Trusted by Thousands of Law Firms.

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Legal Practice Management

A matter-centric approach connects every entry to the appropriate client matter, while optimized calendar, document, and email management keep everyone on the same page.


Legal Billing and Payments

Prevent leakage with on-the-go capture and Money Finder, while one-click billing and online payments make it easier than ever to get paid.


Law Office Accounting

Built-in legal-specific accounting automatically keeps you current and compliance worries at ease. Over 100 reporting options help you analyze your firm’s performance and boost your bottom line.

Designed For The Way
The Law Firms Work

CosmoLex legal practice management features are built to integrate the work of your entire firm, from office managers and paralegals to senior partners.


Built-in Payment Processing for Convenience & Compliance

CosmoLexPay is end-to-end electronic payment processing that makes it easier for you to get paid! Improve your cash flow & run a better practice – with no compliance worries and no strings attached!

Cost effective & transparent pricing

No monthly fee. No hidden costs. Plus, competitive processing rates mean it’s economical for you to provide the great service that your clients expect!



Client Messaging

You and your staff can use CosmoLex’s contact management CRM features to communicate with both old and new clients using a web-based two-way messaging system within the security of the CosmoLex Cloud environment. All communication is logged within your CosmoLex Matter Records.

Document Exchanges

Clients can also upload documents to the web-based client portal, which are then automatically stored in the correct CosmoLex matter. You’ll receive an instant alert when a client uploads a document as part of a daily summary of client activities.

Matter-based Management

Matter management impacts every part of your legal practice, even email. With CosmoLex’s matter-based document automation, every email is filed in its correct client-matter folder, and you will be alerted if a match can’t be found or more than one match is located.

Billable Email Communications

Individual emails can be grouped into categories like Client Discussion or Discovery—you can also create your own list of categories that apply to your case files. As emails are categorized, they’re automatically removed from your inbox to keep you organized and decluttered.